Monday, July 21, 2008

More info on that necklace

No, it is NOT meant for chewing. The link I posted in the previous post explains how the necklace is supposed to work. Sydney never acknowledges that it's there, doesn't touch it and she can't (and shows no interest) put it in her mouth.

Another good weekend

Uncle Dennis (Grandy's brother) and his wife, Aunt Anita came to visit us yesterday and we really enjoyed spending time with them.

Sydney and Aunt Anita

Sydney and Uncle Dennis.

Grandy and her babies

I love this picture so much it hurts! My (awesome, wonderful, superduper) friend Lisa, made this hat for her and I put it on her last week and she was cracking up. Look at that face!Onesie brought to you by Grandma Pat. :love:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny you should mention it

A few people have asked about the necklace Sydney is wearing in the most recent pics. It's an Amber Teething Necklace and it was recommended to me by friends who say that the whole teething experience has been easier since their babies started wearing it.

Sydney is not really a baby that cries when she's in pain so it's difficult for me to tell if it helps or if it's just the way she is. We are so, so close to seeing that first tooth pop through and her teething symptoms have really intensified this week. She's great during the day when she wears the necklace and very restless at night after I take it off before bed. All week she's awakened at dark o'clock and has been mildly cranky and last night she did not have one uninterrupted hour of sleep. The teething tablets usually help too but did nothing at all for her last night. I know it usually gets worse right before it gets better so I hope this is the worst of it for now.

She's wearing the necklace now and has been "napping" for 3 hours. I'm assuming she feels a little better now. Either way, I think the necklace is cute so she'll keep wearing it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Fun Days

It's been a while since I last updated but we've been quite busy the last few weeks. I started school 1.5 weeks ago and I've been trying to get to the point where I feel like I have some kind of study routine going and that has meant less internet time. Those of you who know me well, know that I only love God and my family more than the internet and all the information it has to offer. I have been known to spend far too much time online and it was better to just avoid my computer for a few days while I got organized. We've also had family members visit and Miss Sydney has been enjoying meeting everyone.

First, her cousins Amanda and Joshua arrived two weeks ago to spend to summer with us. For the first few days Sydney wasn't quite sure what was happening and just stared at them all day. No laughing, talking, smiling...just observing. Now she's used to them and their antics and is happily chatting away again. It's good now because they're all up in her grill 24/7.

Amanda wants to help take care of her and hold her and feed her and bathe her. She's even changed a diaper.

Hey Syd! Over here!

Don't give me that look!

Joshua just wants to love on her. Once he's in the same room with her, he's compelled to kiss her or touch her. The feeling is mutual. When he lays beside her, she rolls to him and rubs his face.

This is true
Baby sleeps, Mommy studies.

Uncle Martin and Auntie Susie spent the 4th of July weekend with us.
"Uh Mom, why am I over here and you over there???"

She's pretending to be indifferent. :rofl:
Today she fell asleep, gripping that bar and everytime I moved her hand she put it right back. Who am I to decide what makes her comfortable?