Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An apple a day

We had our first visit to the dentist yesterday and it was pretty uneventful...but not according to Sydney!

A little background:

When we went for RSV shots in January, she got antsy as soon as we walked in the room for her weight check. I think she actually remembered her December shot and knew that some "unpleasantness" was about to go down. She was whining and clinging and most unhappy when it was all done. Then we went for our February shot and the hysteria reached a new level. She wouldn't let them touch her, take her temp or do any checks on her whatsoever and it took three adults to hold her down for the shot to be administered. 

Last week we had a routine pediatrician visit and the SECOND she saw the nurse she freaked out - endless tears and she wouldn't let me put her down for anything. I put her on the scale and she just climbed back into my arms. She screamed for the temp taking and I had to have a nurse's help holding her flailing limbs while the doc examined her. The kid is strong!!

See where I'm going with this? Someone has finally had enough of doctors. 

So, back to yesterday. We were fine and dandy in the waiting room and still ok as we made our way back to the exam room. I gave her to Grandy while I completed some forms. She took one look at the nurse and launched into the must pitiful cry I have ever heard! Heartbreaking I tell you! The office seems very kid friendly and the nurse was kind enough to leave the room and just wait a bit until she calmed down...not that it helped. I held her while they cleaned her teeth and mouth and she was so upset! Of course as soon the nurse left she was happy and kissing me.

Then the dentist walked in and before she managed to say hi, the big tears came rolling again. She clung to me and buried her face in my chest and would not look at anyone. After a while she started looking at Grandy as if to say, "If Mommy's not going to do something, you should! Help!" Heart.breaking yet funny at the same time. They did nothing that caused her pain and the dentist said she's just fine and we'll see her again in 6 months. Hopefully I'll be able to reason with her then. Right?

We have another RSV shot next week. May the force be with us. 

Chilling before we leave for the dentist

I'm happy now!

Ha! Mommy thinks she can get me to keep still for 5 minutes. Bless her heart!

Yes, I'm standing on the couch. What's it to ya?

Back from the dentist. See my sticker? That nurse was really trying to make me happy.

I'm so silly!


Mommy think I look just like Daddy in this pic. Do you agree?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You talking to me?

You know those babies...the ones you see in the grocery store and they're happy and smiling? The ones who start grinning from ear to ear the second anyone smiles at them? That ones who will happily "talk" to anyone that engages them? The ones who clap and squeal when someone acts silly?


Not my baby.

She's such a happy child but I think people think I'm lying when I say that because she will not communicate with a stranger in any way. B tells me that they were in a store just last weekend and a lady declared that she would make Sydney laugh. Bless her heart. There she was, prancing around like a circus monkey and she got nothing more than a blank stare from the child. Not even a hint of a smile. Sometimes people say, "Oh she looks so sad!" and I have to stop myself from telling them that she was perfectly happy before they came along. Lol. She's just not that into new people upon first meeting them and it takes some time for her to warm up. I'm starting to feel sorry for the people who insist on trying though. 

Here are a pics of her silly self:

I promise, she doesn't wear this onesie as often as you think. She just happens to be wearing it on picture days. I'm not sure why I felt the need to explain that.