Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NEVER say Never!

You know those child leashes that are popular these days? The ones that are like a backpack with a harness that people use to keep their kids close in public places? Well, I'm reeeeeeeeeally not a fan of them. I always said I would never, ever use them...and I meant it. Then we had a preemie, who after 20 months on this earth, refused to walk independently and our desperation set in. We became willing to try and do ANYTHING. A little over a week ago we had some success with her taking about a dozen steps while chasing her therapist and trying to hold on to her and since then, she's been willing to take 5 or so steps on her own as long as she can see something to grab on to close by. If she's busy playing, she will walk around just fine but if she's thinking about it, she will not walk by herself.

So, what does this have to do with a child leash? Our friends, Ryan and Devie came by on the 4th of July and we were all excited that their 15 month old Eden, would inspire Sydney to walk since she just started too. Please. Before the night was over, Sydney had Eden crawling around the floor with her. One day we will be happy that she's a leader. Anyway, Devie suggested using a leash and kind of trick her into thinking she was being supported since it was clear that the child can walk. I wasn't too excited about the idea but again...desperation will make you do anything. I finally got the leash today and well, a picture is worth one thousand words!

At first, she wouldn't let me walk behind her, so I pulled the strap to the front and just put it around my finger...I wasn't holding it at all! That did the trick!


I didn't even have it around my finger anymore! It's just dragging on the floor behind her.

At the end of that last video she noticed herself in the mirror. She loooooves mirrors and spent about 30 minutes yesterday having a VERY animated conversation with herself complete with silly faces and hand motions. I didn't get that on tape but this gives you some idea.

Devie, I owe you BIG TIME!!! :love:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day!

We had such a good weekend! Uncle Martin and Auntie Suzie stayed with us and we all got to meet baby Logan. He's so cute and sweet and tiny and just a joy to be around. Sydney was all about him and wherever he was, there she was also. There was only one occasion where I picked him up and she threw herself on the floor in jealousy and demanded I hold her in my lap too! Besides that, she couldn't get enough of him. It was so good for us all to spend some time together.

We took a few pictures of them and man! It was like controlling zoo animals. One would be sitting and the other would be going headfirst of the couch or one would be standing and the other would be looking anywhere but at the camera. It was funny. Of course, it doesn't help that our ancient camera takes forever to take pics.

We didn't dress them alike on purpose. They just came downstairs wearing the same colours. Cute!

Auntie Suzie stepped in to ease the chaos. Bless her heart for trying

Daddies and their babies

Silly Boys
They loved being on their daddies' shoulders but were ready to move on to something else within a minute
This is her latest game. Whenever she is scolded, she opens her eyes wide to try to make us laugh or she does it whenever she's feeling playful. We do it back to her and she laughs soo hard! She's a silly goose.