Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Dress!!

Sydney wore a dress for the first time ever yesterday! We think she looked soo cute! It was one of many outfits from Auntie Sam, Uncle Che and her cousins Amanda and Joshua, aka The Cowans. :love:

See for yourself:

No, she's not sweating. Auntie Trish was just a little generous with the moisturizer

Friday, April 25, 2008

Someone is 6 months old today!!!!!!!!!

God is good! Sydney is doing great and surprising us every day. She has also started teething. Yes, you heard me. Teething. I didn't want to believe it, considering her adjusted age but it's definitely true. She gets cranky in the evenings but she's handling it pretty well and sleeping through the night. On the recommendation of friends, we have been giving her teething tablets and they really, really work. Many, many thanks to "Gran E" aka Auntie E and Gran Gran for the teething ring and blankets. She's been chomping away on them too. We can actually see the outline of the teeth under her gum so we may see a tooth any day now or not for a few months. :laugh:

She also had a very big day yesterday. We went out of the house and it didn't involve seeing a doctor! We all went to the outlet mall yesterday and she did so well. I'm so proud of her. RSV season is basically over so we will be taking her out more and more as long as we don't have to be in a confined space - like church :( . She was just so fascinated by everything around her! It was wonderful to have a normal day out with her.

I'm not sure what this game is called but they seem to be enjoying it. :rofl:

Meet my baby sister, Tricia, who is visiting from Jamaica. She looks like a baby but she's older than you think. :love:

Shopping is tiring!
The most delicious hands...ever!
I bet you can't guess who sent her this shirt. :rofl:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I love my daughter

I bet you all didn't know that.

She's just so much fun and everyday a little more of her personality emerges. I love her little hands and feet, her smiles, the way she's just so fascinated by everything she sees.I love the way she just curls up into a ball and sleeps on my chest. I love her eyelashes (they are long and curly and perfect), her eyes and the way she looks at her Daddy. It's hard to believe that she literally could fit in the palm of my hand 6 months ago.

I know I've said this before but I really think we're turning a corner with the reflux now. I'll keep seeing that until it's true. She hasn't spit up much this week and we have been able to put her to bed within 15-30 minutes of eating without any problems. I will be happy when it is behind us.

This week I will be working on setting up her appointments so that she can start her physical and occupational therapy next month. She's been doing so well at hitting her developmental milestones and we want to keep it that way.

Look for more pictures by Wednesday!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Picture Day!

Better late than never!

She weighs over 13lbs now. :eek:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Life in Sydneyland

One of these days I'll figure out some kind of routine for the little one. As it is now, she's spending a lot of time sleeping during the day and not enough at night. She's been changing so much lately and she's learning to do something new everyday. She looooves interacting with us and her smiles are getting bigger and much more frequent. I'm hoping we will get a real laugh out of her very soon. What she's doing now is more like smiling followed by a grunt. :laugh:

She has also figured out how to get her fingers in her mouth. It used to be that she would just suck her fists when she's hungry but now she's putting her fingers in her mouth even when she's full. She's still not perfectly coordinated so, sometimes she pokes herself in the nose because she missed her mouth. She does not find that funny at all. :rofl:I was hoping to avoid finger/thumb sucking but when she gets the paci she sucks for a few seconds until she decides it's just not as good as her fingers.

We have access to a great library system and I was contemplating taking her for story/fun time when RSV season is over but when I went to the library yesterday, there were more than 25 babies in the class. I suspect that the germ factor may be too high with so many babies. There is SO much that we want to do with her and it's so hard to be patient but her health does come first.

Her reflux seems to be emerging again and none of us are happy with that. It's so very frustrating and we're praying it gets better soon.

I don't have any new pics but will try to get some outside our house and in the community over the weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008