Friday, September 3, 2010

I could

start this post off by telling you how busy we've been or I could tell you how time consuming uploading photos can be on this site. I could tell you that school has kept me busy and an almost 3 year old keeps me busier. I could tell you that my laptop even died at one point and I had to wait a few weeks for his replacement. I could tell you that finding two hours to do an update is harder and harder but that would just be excuses, so I won't.

Instead, I shall distract you all with pictures!

The last time she happily sat still for a picture. Then Daddy decided to show her videos of herself that were on the camera and now she thinks that's all it's for. As soon as she sees the camera she wants to "See Shi Shi!" on the screen. She doesn't quite get that she actually has to do something before videos appear.

We went to Busch Gardens with my friend Dani (not pictured) and we had soo much fun...even if it was sooooo hot outside!

She loved this simple swing! Go figure.

First day of pre-school. Yes. Pre-school. That deserves a post by itself so look for more on that later. Oh the things I had to do to get these pics!

Playing with cousin Logan. Double.Trouble.

Uncles and Aunties and Baby Dani

I have some more pics to transfer from my external hard drive so look out for those soon. No, I'm not committing to an actual date for when those pics will be posted. I have learned my lesson!


Dianna said...

She is an absolute doll! Love to you all!!

Lizz said...

Oh my!!!! A sesame street show? Sophia would die!

She is so cute. Little B with Mama's attitude. ;)